50pc aid posts not operating, MP says


Fifty per cent of aid posts in Central are not in operation, says Governor Robert Agarobe.
“From diagnosis, we have found out that the issue came about because most of our aid posts lacked staff,” he told The National.
“In addition to not having the required staff to sustain our aid posts and health centres, we also do not have the required amount of medicine supplies.
“We also don’t have the vital resources in our remote areas to use for communication, for example, radios.
“If there was an emergency, such as a delivery complication or snake bite, this information would not reach us.”
Agarobe said his office would be addressing these problems over the next few months.
“If it means to bring all stake holders in Central together, not just the provincial government but also donor organisations and NGOs, and align them to start carrying out operations to fix this issue, it is worth the cause,” he said.

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