Slow down on betel nut trade, people told


Trade of betel nuts has brought unnecessary intruders travelling the Hiritano Highway of Central, says Kairuku-Hiri local level government president Aihi Ikupu.
He said this after the death of a Western Highlands betel nut buyer in Gulf.
Ikupu said 25-seater PMV buses and Toyota Land Cruisers were regularly travelling the highway to buy betel nuts and pick passengers.
He said these intruders had injured four innocent people of Kairuku who had nothing to do with the death in Gulf.
“We call on all the Kairuku people to slow down on the betel nut trade,” Ikupu said.
“We are law abiding citizens.
“We cannot be taken for granted and lose our lives for something we did not commit.
“We have our own PMVs that are licensed to carry passengers along our highway.
“They are the only ones permitted to take the route.”
Ikupu appealed to Police Commissioner Gari Baki to set up police patrols along the highway.
He also called on Central transport authorities to allow only licensed PMVs to carry passengers.

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