60/40 per cent partnership


JAMES Marape is the Prime Minister for our rich natural resource country.
I support your call to take back our country and I fully agree and support you with that thinking.
The LNG resource development and other resource development around with this country with their MoA’s are typical of colonial suppression and, thus, we make that a thing of the past.
I have always talked to those friends of mine lamenting the present situation.
The intention is, I want a 60/40 per cent partnership.
Me (landowner) 60 per cent and them (developer) 40 per cent.
I and my people own the resource and they own the technology.
Just by signing a MOA, I will never give them my god given resource never, never, never.
I (PNG) and my ancestors have lived without those developers for centuries.
Me and my people will continue to live without those so called developers and will continue to live without them for many years to come.
PNG our shareholding in resource development must be determined by the value of the resource under our soil.
No shareholding value be determined by the resource developer.
This is your challenge prime minister.
No westernised suppressive MoAs.

Goll Damud (Mr)

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