Removal of O’Neill


THE removal of prime minister Peter O’Neill and subsequent formation of the Marape-Steven Government has brought new hope to the country.
That hope was not only felt by Papua New Guineans but everyone including overseas friends.
Development at all levels must progress without delay.
While some ministers are hard at work getting advice from their respective departments and making decisions others have become stagnant for reasons only known to them.
The all too important Lands Ministry is singled out as one that has not moved a step since Lae MP John Rosso got appointed by Prime Minister James Marape.
How could this Black Christian Nation be rich when you have ministers who simply cannot facilitate development progress?
Simple things that have already been cleared and only require ministerial approval are filing up at the Lands Minister’s in-tray – about 1,300 submissions are outstanding – for almost three months.
Every single day of delay is a cost that is passed on.
Even the Lands and Physical Planning Board has not met since Minister Rosso took office.
Marape must do immediate appraisal of his ministers so this Black Christian nation can move forward.
Over to you PM!


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