A Christmas to remember

Normal, Papua


CHILDREN from around Port Moresby being cared for at the Simon of Cyrene Centre at 16-Mile, celebrated their Christmas party organised by the Malaysia High Commission at the Botanical Garden on Dec 20.
Most of the children were without their parents while some were living with only one parent or guardian.
There were more than 100 children who turned up at the party organised by the high commission and the Malaysian community living in Port Moresby.
The children and their parents and guardians played games and took part in other activities planned for the day.
They  also received gifts from Malaysian High Commissioner Datin Blanche Olbery and NCD Governor Powes Parkop.
Meanwhile, Franciscan priest Fr Jude Ronayne-Forde said the centre took care of the children who were living with HIV or were orphaned at birth.
“We help those children, especially those who are above six years old, to get an education by putting them to schools.
“We also assist the parents who are living with HIV/AIDS with antiretroviral drugs to boost their immunity so they can be strong enough to look after themselves and their children,” Fr Ronayne-Forde said.