A danger if escapees were to join fighters

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 12, 2011

I REFER to the prison breakout in Bui-Iebi.
There is a good reason to fear the escapees could be joining forces with armed tribesmen in Aiya LLG, Kagua district.
I believe the escapees are seeking shelter in the fighting zones of Wabi-Sumi LLG.
Aiya shares borders with Mendi (Bui-Iebi and Lower-Mendi), Poroma, Kirane (Ialibu) and Kutubu.
It will be geographically difficult for the prisoners to escape into Mt Giluwe and Upper Mendi areas but it is faster and easier to flee to Kagua.
These escapees are extremely dangerous and the biggest fear is their involvement in the existing tribal fights.
I appeal to authorities to mobilise resources to not only hunt down the escapees, but also end the tribal fights.
It is imperative for the people of Kagua, particularly the Aiya LLG, to address the tribal fights and hand over the escapees.
I appeal to the warring tribes from Usa (six council wards involved in the second fight) and Sumi and Wake-Lakira (10 council wards involved in the first fight) to think about the future.
It is time to put the past behind them and talk peace for the good of Aiya people.
Let us not be fooled by politicians and their rhetoric, empty pledges and hot air.
I support the call by former MP and veteran leader of Kagua-Erave Yano Belo that incumbent member Aiya James Lagea must intervene and resolve the tribal fights once and for all.
It is the Aiya people who are involved in clashes.
It is time Lagea shows his leadership qualities.
My tribal group, the Komes, have already put down their arms and opted for peace.
The Wakes and Anagerepas are involved in peace negotiations in Port Moresby (the first fight).
Something must be done to stop fight in six Usa council wards.
The Southern Highlands provincial government and the administrator must support the peace talks.
Curb tribal fights before they affect the LNG project.


Peter Tulapi
Port Moresby