Abal impressed

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The National, Monday, June 6th 2011

ACTING Prime Minister and Minister for Works Sam Abal last Friday commended departmental heads in putting together the “Kalibobo Resolution”, aimed at improving government departments.
“I am impressed because of the topic based on ethics and leadership development,” Abal said.
“For the first time in PNG history, we have jointly developed a 40-year strategic plan that will be implemented throughout the country.
“Vision 2050 sets forward a dream, hope and aspiration of what we want to achieve.
“Some critics might say we will not achieve what we have set out, but I am here to defend that,” he said.
The acting prime minister said the Kalibobo Resolution was timely, with 2011 being the first year of implementation.
The resolution would have a clan-based leadership ideology implemented in reaching consensus for all; must have ethical- and values-based leaders at the helm; to have whole of government approach to training and development, coaching and mentoring; leaders to be productive, disciplined, professional and of quality; and for leaders to avail themselves for training and for all leaders to have a complete mindset change amongst other provisions encapsulated.