Fuel supplies return to normal

National, Normal

The National, Monday, June 6th 2011

FUEL supplies in Port Moresby have stabalised over the weekend.
Service stations were forced to close as early as 3pm last Thursday and most of last Friday.
Supply has returned to normal.
InterOil Corp retail marketing manager Jiummy Son said “business was back to normal as of midday last Friday with fuel tankers transporting fuel from the Napanapa oil refinery to retailers in Port Moresby”.
He said tankers loaded with fuel were refilling service stations over the weekend and “supply will back to normal” by today.
Son said contractor East-West Transport resumed delivering fuel to retail suppliers last Friday.
He said fuel deliveries resumed after the ban on the use of the Poreporena Freeway was lifted last Thursday.
Weekend visits showed tankers refilling fuel stations and customers queuing to fill their vehicles.