ABG calls for funding from donors

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday, April 26, 2011

AUTONOMOUS Bou­gainville Government vice-president Patrick Nisira has appealed to aid agencies based and working in Bougainville to help with sourcing funds for projects that will help the unification process jointly established by the ABG and Me’ekamui leadership.
Nisira said the unification process was established to unite the people in the mine affected district to enable them to be involved in a peace and reconciliation programme and initiate development projects for their communities.
The process was to enable their leaders to be involved in proactive discussions for autonomy building in Bougainville and preparations for the region’s referendum for independence.
“While the ABG has included the Panguna district administration in its annual budget, funds have not often adequately met the required programmes that would meet the people’s demand.
“I am, therefore, seeking specific assistance from aid agencies for the people of Panguna and Ioro constituency,” he said.
Nisira singled out the UNDP and AusAID to come to the aid of the Panguna people who he said had missed out on many basic government services due to the ‘No Go Zone’ syndrome that was placed on them by their leaders.
The leaders had signed an  MoU in 2005 known as the Panguna communiqué with the late ABG president Joseph Kabui which allowed for development initiatives for Panguna.