Abuse of public funds in Madang a big let-down

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday February 13th, 2014

 ALLOW  me  to express my views on the recent Public Accounts Committee finding with regards to the mismanagement of public funds by the provincial administration. 

Recent newspaper articles on the failure of the administration to submit reports to the national government on public funds is a total let-down. 

The provincial government has vested responsibility  to  account  for  the  use of public funds. 

If it is mandatory for such reports to be prepared and submitted on a timely basis, why was there a delay? 

The public service machinery is duly responsible for managing the affairs of the Madang provincial government. 

The lack of transparency in the dealings of the provincial administration shows  that  there  is a lack of good governance by the top public servants in the province. 

The people of Madang need honest public servants to administer the financial affairs of the province and an administration that takes responsibility for what is required. 

The people (like the Simbais) do not need your corrupt, selfish practices. 

It is high time that stops.

Steven Kas

Milne Bay