Act seen as unfair


I AM calling on the Government to repeal of the Tenth Supplement Agreement Act which has caused the people of Western to lose their ownership rights over Sustainable Development Programme Limited.
In the perspective of the Rights Theory, the rights of the people have been abused and neglected.
In the process, government’s action, or social arrangements, has affected the people in a negative way, encouraging inequalities to grow and the erosion of basic freedoms.
Social and economic inequalities affect opportunities and fail to advance economic and social standing.
This has particular application to the key sustainability issue of inter-generational equity.
The Act has failed the people of Western.
We’ve been played. We’ve been led to believe that happiness and security were waiting for us, only if we did as we were told; if only we followed the path laid out for us, we’d be okay.
But surveys show that all our rights to the benefits owed to us have been abused.
There is inequality.
To put it bluntly, those who have been taught to expect their wealth to grow, as long as they obediently follow the path chosen for them, have learnt that it has been a lie.
We’ve all been played.
It is our responsibility to do something about it and I guarantee that my people and I will not be played anymore.
Your decision with our so-called leaders have determined the kind of future we’ll experience. You yourself know this because it’s your decision and not ours.
It is high time now for you to start thinking more about the people and their concerns and not about your fat pockets, goods and services.
Back to you leaders of the Government. It’s your turn.