Action, crashes and flats in bike race

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The National – Thursday, June 30, 2011

THE recent 2011 Islands Nation Enduro last weekend did not disappoint as a Port Moresby Motorcycle Club attracted a reasonable turnout with some action-packed racing.
After the sign on and a sighting lap, the riders lined up in preparation for the start
The dust factor was reduced this year due to the recent unseasonal rain, however that added some quality black soil mud sections as a by-product to keep riders on their toes.  
Rookie club member Steve France, aboard his new Yamaha 450 Quad, was not shy about breaking his new machine in, nor was he shy about appearing up the sharp end with the frontrunners.
Midrace Honda rider Shane Boyce somehow managed to avoid what could have been a very serious crash. 
Boyce was on the fastest 2km straight section that leads into a tight sweeping left hand turn when he overshot the corner at high speed and into a hidden 3.5m deep rock and water filled  crevasse.
Shaken but unharmed, Boyce awaited assistance from the track marshall to haul his rig up the steep incline.
This pretty much signalled the end of his race and his minor injuries stands as a testament to why proper protective riding gear is important in off-road motorcycle racing.
Meanwhile, the event rolled on with some strong performances put in by all riders.
Shannon Gee had the Yamaha WR 250 wound out and was in the zone.
Ben Honey’s day was not so good despite a strong start, a persistent shoulder injury pulled him up and out of the race.
Late into the game, race  stalwart Jason James made a lonely sight on the side of the track as his WR 450 ran out of fuel and dropped from second to fifth, with a flat tyre to add insult to injury.
The final results of the weekend competition: 1. Daan Van Pletzen (KTM 450), 2. Shannon Gee  (WR 250), 3. Steve France (Yamaha 450 Quad), 4. Rudi Jonkers (CRF 450), 5. Jason James (WR 450), 6. Peter Jackson (WR450) and 7. Neil Papenfus (WR450) while Ben Honey and Shane Boyce did not finish the race. 
Port Moresby Motorcycle Club president Peter Jackson thanked Bruce Mallard, Lloyd Fergestad, Anna Sete at Island Petroleum for sponsoring the trophies and Tania Edwards for bringing them up from Brisbane.