Activist calls for aid funding database

The National,Tuesday June 14th, 2016

THERE should be a well-managed monitoring and surveillance system and a data base for all aid donors and non-governmental organisations funded projects in Manus, climate change activist Latin N’drihin says.
N’drihin said having the systems in place would help identify which communities were yet to be funded in order to avoid duplication. It would also provide a list of successful projects and failed ones.
He said the Asian Development Bank funded building resilience to climate change projects in five provinces including Manus, which included sites in Ahus, Andra, Ponam and Bipi Islands and the Japan International Co-operation Agency funded water desalination project in Mbuke, Wal and Bipi Islands.
“The most affected islanders in Manus are Nauna in the Rapatona local level government, Aua, Wuvulu and Hermit, of the Niningo Island group which lies between Manus and East Sepik.”
N’drihin said the islands were facing the real impact of climate change and should be given priority ahead of the atolls closest to the mainland of Manus.
“The provincial government’s visit to the Western Island is once a year without any impact projects.
“Already, there are (three) atolls submerged under sea water and the local primary school was relocated to another island.”
N’Drihin said logistics and transport costing for the projects should not be the criteria used in funding these projects, rather the people affected and needed services delivery.
“The feasibility study undertaken by international and local NGOs give priority to most outer atolls for the beneficiary of the projects,” N’drihin said.
He said the government and project advisory committees should change the criteria and let aid donors know about the real scenarios that the outer atolls were facing.