Address challenges with 8-Mile buses


CAN the police who are stationed at Unagi Oval in Gordon, Port Moresby, monitor people who are not wearing masks?
Look into PMV crews charging passengers K2 to go to 8-Mile, especially in the afternoons.
In the afternoon, buses are reluctant to go to 8-Mile.
A few buses that go to 8-Mile charge K2 instead of the normal K1 fare.
This is happening right in front of police at Unagi Oval but they aren’t doing anything to help the people.
The people have no choice but to pay K2.
This is stealing and it is against the traffic rules.
Every afternoon, people are stranded till late.
In the morning and during the day, there are a lot of buses on that route.
This isn’t the same in the afternoon.
Mothers, kids and the working people are left stranded and this is not acceptable.

Frustrated Commuter,