Check buses in Gerehu


OVER the years, many unworthy and unregistered buses have been allowed to operate in Gerehu, Port Moresby.
No one is doing anything about it.
Route 7 and 9 buses are supposed to operate from Gerehu to Gordon and 4-Mile respectively.
But they stop only at Gerehu Stage 1 and force passengers to either walk or get on unlicensed and unworthy PMV buses to get to Gerehu Stages 3 to 7.
These illegal and unworthy buses don’t contribute to maintaining road safety, they are only interested in making fast money illegally.
What I am concerned about is the payment of insurance cover premiums that all PMVs should register by law to cover the lives of the travelling public.
What if an unlicensed and illegal PMV bus overturns or gets into a nasty road accident causing deaths and injuries to our people?
Who will be liable for compensation payments of deaths and injuries? Can the Motor Vehicle Insurance Ltd come out and explain this?
Can they get these buses of the road?
Nobody seem to care about this.
The authorities in the city know about this but they aren’t doing anything about it.