Address violence in Bulolo properly


BULOLO in Morobe has been a peaceful district in the past but this has sadly changed dramatically in the last 15 years.
We have seen and experienced an increase in violence between various ethnic groups, settlers and indigenous communities within the township of Bulolo and Wau.
Bulolo has an historical trend of ethnic violence dating back to 2006.
The efforts to restore peace has seen little improvement, the ugly head of ethnic violence has resurfaced in Wau recently this year.
It is obvious that those in authority have not done enough to resolve this.
Law and order issues, traditional land alienation and community prejudice leading to unruly and irrational attitude of hostility that targets individuals, groups, races and cultural entities appeared to be the root causes of violence.
The violence, destruction of property and loss of lives, and displacement of persons are turning the district into something else.
A more robust and constructive approach towards addressing the root causes of ethnic violence in the district needs to be introduced to bring about lasting peace, stability and unity amongst ethnic groups.
It is often difficult to get community members to accept their mistakes and reconcile.

Samuel Ilau

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