‘Agencies to handle regulations’


LAWS are passed to specific agencies of the State, hence, the respective agencies will take the lead in enforcing or complying of the regulation, the minister concerned says.
Justice Minister Bryan Kramer was responding to a series of questions by Pomio MP Elias Kapavore to clarify whether certain Acts passed in Parliament had regulations established and who was responsible to ensure regulations for the Acts were put in place.
The Acts Kapavore was referring to were the Provincial Health Authority Act 2007, Tobacco Act 2016, Radiation Safety Control Act 2019 and the Pandemic Act 2021. “By law, Parliament passes Acts and then those Acts may make provisions for regulations,” Kramer said.
“Regulations provide a more detailed administrative process.
“The NEC (National Executive Council) is the approving authority with most Acts for regulations.”
He said the question on who was responsible, and in this case, the questions related to health.
“Therefore, the Health Department would take the lead in enforcing the regulations.”
Kramer said Kapavore could write to the Minister for Health or the department to raise concerns if some regulations were not being enforced.
“If there is no response by the respective minister, then I am happy for him to write to my department,” he said. “Then we can assist to either direct or advice the respective agency that they are to comply to the regulation.”