Airport landowners get additional K10mil

National, Normal

The National, Monday 08th April, 2013


THE Hela provincial administration will distribute the additional K10 million allocated by the national government in 2012 to Tari Airport landowners.

Hela acting provincial administrator William Bando said the funds would be distributed to the affected individuals and clans in Tari after the proper identification of landowners.

Bando said this process would conform with studies undertaken by the lands department and district land mediators.

“The disbursement will be overseen by a committee appointed by the Hela provincial government and that committee is now in place,” he said.

“Controversies, lawsuits, factions connected to the second K10 million now held in the Hela Transitional Authority account caused setbacks to the disbursements.” 

He said the committee responsible for the disbursement was guided by a specific term of reference for consultation, identification and equitable distribution.

“I appeal to all concerned to cooperate so that the funds can be expediently disbursed,” he said.

The committee members are Bando, Aluwabia Alembo, David Takitako, Hela provincial police commander Jimmy Onopia, provincial magistrate Vincent Linge, Edward Komia and provincial lands officer Albert Aliali.

The land mediators are Ngoari Paliago, James Pokaya, Hagabula Puma, Apalu Balupa, Waya Alembo and Ibugu Hundiago.

The committee’s consultation meeting with the landowners will be held from April 16-20 in Tari.

Bando said all parties must attend this important meeting.

He said the Tari aerodrome like all other state land remained state property as it was acquired by the state at a price accepted by landowner