Aiyura High cancels graduation

National, Normal

The National – Friday, December 3, 2010

ONE of the pioneer national high schools in the country, Aiyura, has cancelled its graduation this year due to lack of funds and student unrest.
The school’s governing council chairman Rex Umpao confirmed this week that Grade 12 students immediately packed up and left for their respective home provinces after the council and school administration could not secure funds from the Education Department to stage the graduation and keep the school running till the end of the year.
He also said they met with teachers and school administration and had decided to send Grade 11 students home.
“We actually have no money to keep the students till week 10 and conduct the annual graduation, they sat for exams, packed up and left,” Umpao said.
He also confirmed the deaths of a female student and an ancillary staff due to continuous student unrest to protest to the principal over alleged improper use of school funds.
Students had reportedly stoned the school vehicle and  the principal’s house.
“We deployed police in the school to provide security as the unrest continues, the administration pays for food, allowances and fuel for the vehicles.
He said there was no record to prove alleged spendings, saying they would engage an audit team to check.
Meanwhile, Umpao said the council had nothing to do with rehabilitating school infrastructures, which Mauve Investments was engaged to carry out.
“We thought the money (K4 million) would come through the Obura-Wonenara district treasury operating account. We know nothing of the contract engagement to rehabilitate school infrastructure,” he responded when asked whether any money was spent on rehabilitation work.
Mauve Investments abandoned the work after collecting K4 million from the National Planning Office earmarked to rehabilitate the deteriorating infrastructure.