Aiyura must act firmly

Letters, Normal

The government has prioritised education by allocating K1.1 billion, the highest in the 2011 budget.
While the government has allocated funds to rehabilitate schools throughout the country, the contractors, unfortunately, are not playing their part.
Many of them see this as an opportunity to make a fast buck; using inferior materials and providing a poor service overall. 
Kerevat and Aiyura are among those cheated by the contractors.
Kerevat National High School teachers and its board have alerted the government about the contractor misappropriating Resi funds.
While Kerevat has sounded the alarm, Aiyura has yet to stand up and fight for its rights.
It must act firmly.
The school’s board, teachers, parents, surrounding communities in Kainantu and Obura-Wonenara and their MPs must protest against the blatant diversion of Resi funds by the contractor.


Onamuna Inta