Alert as Manam volcano spews ash, smoke

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ANOTHER volcanic eruption occurred in Manam’s main crater on Wednesday between 12 and 1pm, according to the Rabaul Volcano Observatory.
The statement said its volcanic alert notification system began disseminating the alerts after 12pm.
This was later confirmed by a community leader in Dugulava village.
It reported audible noises, light to dark grey ash plumes and projections of eruptive material rising above the summit crater.
This is the third eruption after two earlier on from the same crater on Jan 8 and 11.
According to a villager, thick clouds of ashes were continuously seen in the air from the crater for all of Wednesday.
The observatory team has advised people on Manam to avoid venturing into or doing activities in the four main valleys for prolonged periods. They were warned of ash and scoria falls and urged to move to safer, unaffected places on other parts of the island.
People were advised of mudflow generated by the ash and deposits as they cooled by heavy rain. “The volcanic system at Manam volcano is still dynamic and volatile,” the observatory said.
“Therefore, the potential for further eruptive activity in the future is still high.”