All Eastern MPs must buck up

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday October 11th, 2013

 VERY often, we hear and read about Eastern Highlands experiencing escalating law and order problems, high mortality rates and high illiteracy rates. The list goes on. One way to minimise the problem is to have all nine MPs in the province completely deliver or improve on existing vital infrastructures in their respective electorates. The K10 million in DSIP funds is quite a lot of money. In just two years, all districts will have the services they need if they are used wisely. All MPs should concentrate on developing their electorates and the rural areas without depending on the provincial capital of Goroka for essential services such as hospitals and police assistance. Existing basic services should be improved and expanded to accommodate the growing population. For far too long, the people have been suffering at the hands of ill-prepared and self-centred MPs.


Kotiufa Sniper