All eyes on Groroka


GOROKA recently witnessed the arrival of two top political rival party leaders – James Marape and Peter O’Neill.
They were in town to endorse their respective candidates to contest the National Court-ordered by-election for the Goroka Open seat.
The leaders seemed to talk about their own political differences in Goroka and use the place as their playing field to make such comments.
Why not take it to their own places like Tari-Pori and Ialibu-Pangia?
Goroka and Eastern Highlands have heard enough of your lies.
In politics, we have our own dreams and aspirations and we also have very strong, fearless and highly-educated leaders.
We also remind O’Neill that we are tired of hearing his lies about bringing in the infrastructure developments into Goroka.
He knows the truth about all those projects and he must stop telling lies to the ignorant Eastern Highlanders.
Marape is the prime minister and is busy running the country, why is he so worried about a single seat in Goroka?
Why is this seat so important to either of them?
Seems to me that it is not the seat that they’re interested in, but rather, the true son of Goroka, Bire Kimisopa.
He is the threat the two leaders are worried about as far as their former PNC-led government’s past conducts are concerned such as the UBS loan and other deals made.
Now, the two men, including Richard Maru, are trying their best again at the Goroka by-election.

Charles Ifu,


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