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ALL the services that were scaled down at the Port Moresby General Hospital three weeks ago will resume on Thursday, chief executive officer Dr Paki Molumi says.
The country’s largest and only referral hospital announced scaled-down services for two weeks on July 20 to allow the hospital to be thoroughly cleaned after five staff members of the Central Public Health Laboratory (CPHL) located within the hospital and a diseased woman were tested positive for the Covid-19 the previous week.
Dr Molumi said services would return to normal but all patients, guardians and anyone visiting the hospital must wear mask and adhere to the Covid-19 prevention measures.
He said this was mandatory.
The services that were scaled down included general non-emergency outpatient, pathology services, elective surgeries, consultation clinic (no more than 15 patient per clinic) and dental services.
“The scale-down was only for non-essential services like elective surgeries and non-specialist consultation clinics like skin clinic,” Dr Molumi said.
“All other services were maintained and run normally during that period.”
He had said earlier that the hospital would not continue to scale down its services or even shut down because there was no other big hospital in the city.
Meanwhile, when asked about a 14-month-old baby girl reported to have died after being turned away by the guards at the hospital, Dr Molumi said all the essential services were operational throughout and no one was turned away.
He said the hospital and security firm were conducting an investigation into the matter.


  • It is too late and unfortunate for this chimbu family. PNG has lost a child who could be a lawyer. doctor. pilot etc. It could have been better to prevent that death through proper coordination. Imagine if you were a parent of this child. What would you feel? I send my condolences to this family.

  • Very sad to hear this. We all have kids and we have heart for our good kids.Please this can not happen again and that is the only place where we can get help from when our kids are sick.Very sorry for that family.They lost lovely girl.

  • Everyone is equally important including the COVID-19 confirmed cases so why should the hospitals and clinics be closed?If these very important service is closed due to COVID-19 than indirectly the authorities are killing other innocent lives who are suffering from other illnesses.
    Health services is very vital and it must not closed in any cases.

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