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WEARING of masks in public in Port Moresby is mandatory for everyone, including school children, according to Prime Minister James Marape.
He said the increasing number of positive cases in the capital city required the wearing of masks in public to stop the community transmission of the Covid-19.
“Bus operators and passengers must all wear masks,” he said.
“(Bus operators) must have sanitisers (to be used by passengers when boarding the vehicle) and to implement a 1.5m social distancing.”
Education Minister Joseph Yopyyopy said the wearing of masks in schools was compulsory in the National Capital District and Central.
Schools resume on Monday after a two-week break prompted by the sharp increase in cases in the city.
“The Government has considered the implications on the education of students before it took the decision to reopen schools,” he said.
Yopyyopy said students and teachers must give more time to teaching and learning.
“Teachers are advised to give more teaching and learning to core subjects that will be examined,” he said. “The resumption date has been moved to next week to allow parents and students to use the rest of this week to prepare.”
He also called on teachers, parents and children to stay alert.
“It is necessary for all of us involved in education to be vigilant,” he said.
He urged everyone to follow the safety measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 in schools.


  • With the increase in the number of positive cases, why are we allowing our children to go to school , when we haven’t identified or eliminated the virus in Pom, it dosent make sense?? So , I send my kid to school he /she contracts the virus and in turn brings to the whole house hold and “Wala” we ha e a real pandemic now, what is the government doing about it.. This is serious , I’d rather my child stay at home and repeat next year or until we have contaminated the virus or the figures drop, because from here I can only see it rise

    • CV19 is here to stay and so will the numbers keep increasing.

      You, as a parent, need to educate your child/children (at home) to practice and maintain all health advices given by the health authorities’ to safe guard yourselves from contracting the virus. Educate yourself first, then your children.

      Always remember, that when you (as a parent) don’t follow the health instructions at home, your children will follow exactly what you teach at home. Don’t go blaming the Govt or schools once your child comes home with the virus.

  • Check the people marketing under the Flyover at Erima on this compulsory of wearing mask. Life seems original normal..

  • I agreed with Peter Paul Ali. It’s not safe for our children to attend classes because the mode of transmitting the corona virus are many . Most of the kids will be travelling to school in PMV which is very unsafe. They might wear face mask but might forget to sanitize their hands after very touch they made so the safest place for the kids is home. Education is unlimited whereas life as has limits if we are not preventive and take the risk.

  • Coronavirus does NOT discriminate between well-educated children or parents: it is spread by people being too close to one another. It is lunacy to have public transport operating, schools and business open, when cases can’t be traced and those potentially spreading it further are not isolating. The complaints of business will be hollow when there are too many sick or worse to patronise their business. Just look at the USA – where the virus is out of control thanks to no leadership by government. Look and learn, PNG.

  • Marabe Government simply running out of SMART ideas. PM JM, we still have faith in you, but your advisors and health authorities are not supporting you with all those brilliant ideas. Particularly, the Health Minister, who has gone silent lately. You should start removing nonperforming people in your Government without any fear or favor. Consider very carefully who you choose for certain role, their performances will certainly reflect your governance.

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