Allocate some Manus contracts to locals too

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday March 17th, 2014

 I ASK that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill intervene and give the locals at the Manus asylum processing centre contracts  apart from the  one  Australia has given to the company that was operating in Nauru. 

Locals have been marginalised in their own province while outsiders get all the work from a variety of services like laundry, security, transport and the list goes on. 

This nonsense has to stop. 

Our political leaders are not representing  us  in these issues because they have their own interests to take care of, instead of the people’s. 

One classic example is the buses that transport security personnel to and from  work  every day that is owned by somebody from Pangia in Southern Highlands when we, Manus people, could have easily provided that. 

All the LNG contracts up in the Highlands is given to their own people, so why can we not reserve some of the contracts in the processing centre for Manus people? 

We do not have any resources apart from human resources and our rich marine life. 

We need help now. 

The whole negotiation was  not  done properly, with very little going to Manus while the country benefits from the deal. 


Bris Simen

Port Moresby