Allow Marape to work


THE Opposition Leader Belden Namah and former prime minister Peter O’Neill should stop their political attacks on our Prime Minister James Marape and his Cabinet’s decisions on development issues, especially on mining, oil and gas.
Marape just took over from you so give him some time to focus on his government’s policies.
The two of you should sit back and think about your own successes and failures.
Marape is only performing his role as a prime minister to secure the best benefits for our country and the landowners.
There are many countries and developers that are interested in our resources so if any greedy foreign companies who want to take everything from us should pack up and leave, that is the bottom line.
Papua New Guineans are right behind our prime minister all the way.
He is doing quite well and should be supported instead of being criticised daily in the media.

Samson C. Napo
Buang LLG, Bulolo Via email


  • Above all PM seat is anybody’s democratic seat despite race, denomination, gender and ethnicity. Some politicians in the opposition are only playing petty politics. I admire PMJM as he admits his wrongs and accepts advice and corrections unlike some so called MPs.

  • I definitely support PMJM for his great and bold decisions no other past PMs have made. PNG politician should allow PM to fulfil some of his plans and dreams. Why are leaders keep attacking him. If we can allow him for this last two years then we might complain or attack. The way we see he is doing fine to bring back his country from wild dogs. Please keep supporting him and uphold him in prayers.

    Enough of petty politics.

  • The Nation is behind PMJM, he is the answer to the Prayers of the praying Christians in the Nation, when the Lord answered the prayer for a new PM, PMJM is the one, only the one put him in there will will remove him,not PO or Namah, they don’t see themselves are beginning to fall….

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