Allow road project to start

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday January 6th, 2016

 I WISH to express my joy for the New Year in support of the four- lane road for the Taurama valley in the National Capital District. I wholeheartedly support Concerned Soldier of Taurama (The National, Dec 29) that the road project must proceed without further disruptions. It is very sad to see the Koitabu people of KiraKira, fathers and sons selling their traditional land to mainly Highlanders. Little do they know that they are selling the future generations’ rights. They are very selfish, greedy and lazy people who just want to become rich overnight. They have made these Highlanders become wealthy on Koitabu land. We are all for development and therefore fully support the four-lane road, which is going to uproot a lot of illegal deals.  



Mesah Nelson