Amaiu claims decision in his favour

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The National, Friday, April 29, 2011

ACTING chairman of Port Moresby Rugby League (POMRFL) Labi Amaiu has blasted the group seeking to “destabilise” the code in the nation’s capital as illegal and self-serving.
Responding to Tuesday’s story in The National on the court ruling ordering POMRFL to hold an annual general meeting and nullifying his claim to  permanent chairmanship, Amaiu said the ruling was misreported.
He claimed Judge Gibbs Salika had ruled that defendants Richard Sinamoi and Thomas Turabu’s election as executives of POMRFL earlier this year was illegal because it did not follow the league’s constitution.
In his ruling, Salika said Sinamoi’s election as president was null and void because it was consituted under a special meeting and not an annual general meeting which is the requirement according to the constitution.
However, Salika also  stated in his ruling that he considered Amaiu’s appointment as acting chairman in August last year by the previous POMRFL board as proper any subsequent action to make Amaiu’s position were “invalid and null and void” and as such an AGM was to be convened for the league’s members to vote a proper board executive to term.
Meanwhile, BSP, on legal advice have frozen POMRFL accounts until the matter is resolved.