Amukele urges NCD youths to be responsible

Normal, Papua

The National – Monday, January 3, 2011


A COMMUNITY leader from the Tokarara suburb in Port Moresby has called on youths in the area to change and live better lives in the coming year.

Following shootouts and car chases that wind up at the fringes of the suburb, former politician Tom Amukele challenged the youths to refrain from activities that may cost their lives.

He told them to search within themselves for God-given talents that they could utilise to make a honest living.

“You are young men with a long future ahead of you and don’t be short-sighted in engaging yourselves in activities that will ruin your lives,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of parents and the community, he urged the youths, especially young men, to be responsible and law-abiding.

He said dropping out from school or being jobless was not the end of their lives, and there were other lawful activities to participate in to make a living.

“Do away with laziness and open your eyes and look for opportunities that are around you,” Amukele added.

He challenged the youths to take advantage of vocational training offered by the National Capital District Commission to build their careers.