Anglimp is part of Western Highlands

Letters, Normal

WHILE preparations are underway to welcome Jiwaka as a province in 2012, Anglimp district appears undecided whether to be remain with Western Highlands or become part of the new province.
I share a similar view and support the letter last month in The National by “Onbi Chief” (“EBC must get Anglimp feedback”, Nov 2).
The people of Anglimp speak the Melpa language and they are traditionally, geographically and culturally identified with Western Highlanders. 
On the economic level, the overwhelming majority of the population prefer Mt Hagen city to conduct business and economic activities as well as other day-to-day activities for convenience.
Anglimp itself has an adequate geographical landmass that extends from Wurup-Kaip to Kindeng, and caters for a population of more than 48,000 people to qualify as an independent electorate of Western Highlands.
Considering these key facts, it is only appropriate that the current electorate of Anglimp-South Waghi be divided into two electorates – South Waghi can be included in Jiwaka and Anglimp remains part of Western Highlands.
Logic has to prevail and the above facts must be taken into account when determining where the electoral boundary and land borders are to be set.
The Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC) must gauge the views and opinions of the people, through a genuine and intensive survey process to establish substantial facts before making any critical decision.
Dialogue must be established with all community and tribal leaders to church groups and community-based organisations.
The leaders and sons of the major tribes of Kuli-Pehn, Kuli-Komun, Nuporrpei, Onbi, Andakelka, Roni-Nogoba and other surrounding communities must address this issue with the EBC, the Jiwaka interim authority and other stakeholders to ensure that nothing is decided against our will.
The working committee for the Jiwaka interim authority must not work in isolation.
During this transition period, decisions must be based on cooperation and mutual consensus between leaders of both the new Jiwaka and Western Highlands provinces.
The people of Anglimp must be given the freedom to choose their own destiny and not be pulled by the cart.
What is important for all sons of Anglimp now is to firmly state your stand.


Kuli-Pehn son
Port Moresby