Angore lingers on at the end of a raw deal

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday March 10th, 2014

 ANGORE, despite having too well pads contributing to the lucrative LNG project, is in need of  basic  government services, namely education and health. 

This concern was expressed by a group of Angore women to Clough Curtain Joint Venture (CCJV), where  the  women blocked the contractor from accessing the well pads for operations. 

The women wanted to know if ExxonMobil and CCJV have money to build hospitals, schools, bridges and roads for Angore.

They also asked about the money that would financially empower them to participate in spin-off activities in their area. 

The answers can come from Governor Anderson Agiru as he was involved in the Kokopo UBSA for his people of Southern Highlands and Hela. 

He should tell the people of Angore what has been agreed  for them by means of services.

The money meant for services kept by the national government through the Department of National Planning and Monitoring have been diverted to impacted provincial government coffers. 

K1.2 billion was agreed to be injected and out of that, Angore was to benefit from K12 million per year from 2010 to 2020, which the provincial government is responsible for. 

Nogoli PDL 1 was allocated  K20 million  and  K12 million was for Hides PDL area, but to date, there is no sign of growth. 

Can   Agiru  point  out  was was appropriated for Angore  in his budgets from 2011 up to 2014? 

Can  he deny  that Angore is not located in project impacted area?

When will he think of the Angore people?


Fabian Kuku Alungi