Anjo believes he was set-up

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SELF-styled president of NGOs and Civil Society Coalition Partners desk, Noel Anjo, believes he has been set up by people circulating the “hate email” on the internet calling for a halt to Asian cottage businesses by Dec 31, which is today.
He called on Police Commissioner Gari Baki and his deputy and commanders to find these people and deal with them comprehensively.
Mr Anjo claimed he was set up by people who were in pursuit of their own interests.
He said violence would not solve anything.
He stressed his calls earlier this week that there were proper avenues available to air people’s grievances.
Mr Anjo said he had a good relationship with the police and reputable organisations, including the Ombudsman Commissioner, Public Accounts Committee and Transparency International PNG.
He also praised Asian businesses in the country.
“Asians are contributing to the development of the country,” Mr Anjo said.
He also said he had received numerous phone calls from people in many parts of the country supporting his stand against violence.
Mr Anjo called on “opportunists” to refrain from taking the law into their own hands.