Annual Gerupeng show preparations underway in Jiwaka


THE annual Gerupeng Cultural Show to be held from Sept 19-21 at Bulunts, Warakar in Jiwaka is underway, says the show executives.
Show committee chairman Philip Kapal said Gerupeng (headdress) was the icon of Jiwaka and would feature prominently in the three-day event.
The show was listed in the national events calendar and the venue at Bulunts was declared the provincial showground by Tobias Kulang when he was MP and Minister for Arts, Tourism and Culture last year.
Kulang made a commitment on behalf of the government to develop the showground and set up facilities.
The Peter Meere Taka Cultural Association is the custodian of the showground and which was a pilot project of the provincial government’s tourism bureau.
Kapal said the unique culture of Jiwaka would be showcased and they were trying to seek the participation of different singsing groups.
“Culture is our identity and we want to promote it every year for our young people,” Kapal said.
“Without culture we have no identity. Our young people must know their culture.
“This annual show is an opportunity to transfer our cultural norms and significances down to the younger generation.
“We are hoping that we come up with some funds to host this show.”
Provincial tourism officer Stanley Kos, who provides technical advise, said despite funding constraints, they are hopeful that the show will materialise as it is a national event. “We had no funding to host the show last year,” Kos said. “Despite no funding, we still anticipate that we can host it.”
The show started as an annual event for the province in 2015.

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