Any amendment should be beefing up OC

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the amendment to curb the powers entrusted on the Ombudsman Commission.
Whilst the issue has been hotly debated, the essence is about the need to understand the underlying intent and, more so, the wisdom of amending the Constitution. 
One may argue that after 35 years, the timing may be right for a review of our guiding precepts. 
This leads me to echo the sentiment of former chief Ombudsman Illa Geno on the need to have wider consultation. 
The Constitution was widely consulted so that it would reach out to everyone in PNG.
Hence, the provision of section 27, sub-section 4 of the Constitution is the summation and consolidated wisdom of the diversity. 
This is where sound judgement is required.
The stated provisions of the Constitution is not merely a legal precept, it is more than that.
It is substantial in form and structure, framed up with inspired wisdom and sealed to protect this nation from the behaviour of people in leadership positions. 
By having section 27, sub-section 4, it provides a spotlight for directing people in leadership positions to be a servant leader and respond to a high duty of excellence and governance. 
If there is any amendment, it should strengthen the OC, public prosecutor’s office and judiciary.


Eric Kumasan