Apology leaves a lot to ponder


POPE Francis told his audience in Canada that he was sorry for how historical wrongs were done to the indigenous peoples.
Pope Francis’s apology was certainly welcome, but it was not what was expected.
Or was it?
The institutional church has not seemingly apologised, nor shown any inclination to work with the Canadian government and aboriginal organisations by providing historic documentation regarding the schools, their administration and those who attended and taught within.
Where is the transparency and accountability aboriginal communities desire and need?
Reconciliation committees did ask for a Papal apology but received a water downed version; a version that does not allow aboriginal communities, individuals or the Federal government to begin litigation.
There will be litigation undoubtedly.
The church has not provided its promised compensation and Pope Francis did not provide a promise of a cheque.
So, will the aboriginal community globally allow the Church of Rome to get away with its historical wrongdoing? Many participants at the first meeting with the Pope showed their displeasure, with promises of further demands to follow.
This is not over.
Many of our aboriginal neighbours will demand their pound of flesh, requiring a justification – why and who mistreated their ancestors.

Steven Kaszab
Bradford, Ontario

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