Apology made for past comments

Lae News, Normal


THE Morobe Network of Positive Living (MNOPL) has apologised to the Morobe HIV response coordinator Charles Pepe for allegations levelled at him.
Mr Pepe was accused of misusing funds that was directed for a workshop.
Last November, the MNOPL boycotted a training workshop due to the “uncertainty of the members and delay in providing feasible training procurements” chairman of MNOPL, Rodney Mukinere said.
The boycott had severed the working relationship between the MNOPL and the Morobe provincial AIDS committee until recently.
Mr Mukinere said: “The past has gone and looking at current issues, we sincerely apologise for our behaviour which has led to such a circumstance where we had not had a good working relationship towards the HIV/AIDS responses in the province.”
He also apologised to all stakeholders and partners who were affected through their actions.
HIV response coordinator Charles Pepe said he was not happy with the accusations made against him but did not seek legal advise.
He welcomed the apology of the association and said it was time to move on with plans for the year.
Mr Pepe said in the response against HIV it was important to involve people who live with the virus as their influence had more impact on the public than those who did not live with the virus.