Appeal to CS Commissioner Sikani

Letters, Normal

I BELIEVE the CS Commissioner Richard Sikani has too many things on his mind and has forgotten the plight of the Kerepia Barracks (Bomana) CS members who are currently suffering from paying their own electricity bills through EasiPay since June 2009. The members there have been loyally paying their electricity bills and some households have spent more than K2,000 since Mr Sikani’s implementation of the user pay policy in the past six months. The members at Kerepia Barracks are obliged to obey orders however, they are frustrated because Mr Sikani directed that all CS complexes at Bomana will have EasiPay meters installed on a trial basis. But to date, only Kerepia Barracks is feeling the brunt of his decision. This is not fair and Mr Sikani knows this. If he wants to continue with his directive than it is suggested that he pays members living at Kerepia Barracks some form of allowance to subsidise their power cost. If he can’t than I appeal to him to do away with EasiPay! And at the same time reimburse monies spent on Easi Pay by members living at Kerepia Barracks. This is a brand new year and let us kick start it in the right manner.

-Servis Man, Bomana, NCD