Mosoro passing the buck on OCCES

Letters, Normal

 SO now the Office of Climate Change and Environment Sustainabiliyty officer-in-charge John Mosoro is passing the buck and blaming the staff for not turning up for work after the executive director Dr Theo Yasause was suspended last July. Mr Mosoro, since when did you and the acting executive director Dr Wari Iamo come up with an alternative plan to replace the one that Dr Yasause had in place? No-one was performing because there was no direction and leadership. To make it worse telephones, fax and internet were down. How can your staff work under such conditions? Instead, you and your deputy were globetrotting almost every month, using up thousands of taxpayers money. Those trips produced nothing given the outcome of the Copenhagen meeting. This money should have been used by your officers to go throughout the country for awareness drives. To say that the staffs did not get their gratuities for not performing is an insult to them when only a minority got it. Some were not even entitle to get it. Mr Mosoro’s delaying of the rest of the gratuity payments is causing suspicion about what has happened to the rest of the K152, 756.16. After all, the corporate services executive manager Madaha Maina had made instructions on Nov 2, 2009, to Mr Mosoro stating that K152, 756.16 be released for gratuity payment as stated in the staff contracts. Mr Mosoro must release our payments soon or we will refer the matter to police to be investigated.