Appointment of new administrator justifiable

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 19th of February, 2014

ANDERSON Agiru made the move to change the administrator after realising that certain unauthorised transactions worth millions in development funds took place without his consent.
There was also hardly any impact project despite the millions  allocated under the Hela Transitional Authority and it has been almost a year since the appointment of the acting administrator.
The province was stagnant, the 2013 budget was not effectively implemented and projects were not delivered.
There was a lot of wastage of the people’s money under unapproved transactions colluding with unauthorised people, which led to the misuse and misapplication of public funds.
A change was overdue.
Under the Public Service Management Act, the governor  will evaluate the provincial administrator’s performance in his delegated duties.
Agiru’s judgment to appoint a new administrator was purely based on that and nothing else.
So, stop denying development and services that our people deserve.
The government must ensure that the appointment of a new administrator be acted upon and takes effect.

Concerned Hela