Art exhibition helps to enhance students’ creativity


GRADES one and two students of the Koroboro International School in Port Moresby held a week-long art exhibition where they displayed what they had learnt in their art class during the year.
Art teacher Lester Raurela said the theme for the exhibition was “explore, connect and celebrate with art”.
The students were taught the basics of art to prepare them for more complex creations.
“During the year, the students learnt the basics of drawing, painting and paper mâché.
“At this level students paint to learn, not learn to paint,” Raurela said. He said the skills acquired from their art lessons was to develop and improve their mental capacity.
“I’m not training everyone to be an artist but students can use the visual skills learnt in their art class and incorporate them into what they learn in their maths or English classes,” he said.
“I am also equipping them to be global learners and to think outside the box.”
“With the basics learnt in grades one and two, the students will be prepared to take on more complex art creations such as bio mimicry which the grade fives have done,” Raurela said.

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