Article not that accurate

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 22nd August 2012

I READ with interest Peter Donigi’s opinion on indi­genous people (The Na­tional, Aug 9).
While the essence of his opinion is appreciated, there are errors which require correction.
First, unlike the US, Canada, Australia or New Zea­land which are settled, oc­cupied and controlled by non-indigenous people, PNG is in the hands of its indigenous people.
Our government may have failed us by pursuing colonial-based policies through neo-colonialism tendencies.
Second, our Constitution sets out five national goals and imposes social obligations since Sept 16, 1975.
We ought to ask why Vision 2050 experts did not review them for the people’s benefit.
Third, needs-based de­ve­lopment is a necessity
for a geographically and cul­turally challenging and socially and economically diverse environment such as PNG.
Finally, while it is agreed that information is power and our people must be informed to deal with our government and multi-national companies, we must be careful not to put them in embarrassing si­tuations.

James Wanjik
Port Moresby