Aspiring dentist needs urgent operation to remove ulcer

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A 25-YEAR old aspiring dentist who was enrolled at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) school of medicine and health sciences has appealed for help to have surgery to remove an ulcer in his stomach as medication was not helping him anymore. 
Charlie Pangaen Kamen from Kompiam in Enga has withdrawn from the second semester of studies at the medical school as he can no longer concentrate in class.
Kamen, who initially wanted to be a medical doctor, has been diagnosed with chronic peptic ulcer and needs assistance from willing hearts to enable him to have an urgent operation.
Although he loves his education, he has been forced to withdraw from studies on three occasions so far, due to the illness.
He was initially diagnosed with the ulcer while in Grade 11 at Kopen Secondary School in 2003 and was forced to withdraw from studies in 2004 whilst doing Grade 12.
In 2005, he re-enrolled at Kopen Secondary School but struggled through and completed the academic year fortunately secured a place at the UPNG to do science foundation in 2006.
Kamen’s dreams to become a doctor did not eventuate has he was forced to withdraw from studies after the second semester and the whole of 2007.
 In 2008, he re-enrolled at UPNG and was accepted to the medical school not to study medicine which was his dream but dentistry, which he accepted because of his health conditions.
Despite the pain and difficulties, he completed last year successfully, which enabled him to do third year this year.
However, while into the this semester, it came to a point where Kamen could not concentrate on studies any longer so he was again forced to withdraw.
 Dr Sonny Kibob of Port Moresby General Hospital said although Kamen was diagnosed with peptic ulcer disease clinically and was treated with antacid proton pump inhibitors and H2 antagonist, the symptoms still persisted.
Kibob said Kamen had tried all medicine and even herbs but there was no improvement.
He said the only way to remove the ulcer and, thus, save his life, was through surgery.
Kamen is now in dire need of financial help to undergo medical operation and is appealing for financial assistance.
So far assistance has come from Mirupasi Lawyers and Mineral Resources Enga Ltd.
Any contributions can be deposited directly into his account number: 1001164622 at BSP Waigani Branch.  For further information, he can be contacted on bemobile 7635 9590 or Digicel 7343 3109.