Aspiring journalist Jasmine excited to complete studies



“ I thank God that I am here right now and have come this far. I also thank my parents for paying my school fees and putting all their efforts in bringing me this far.”
Jasmine Iru in Port Moresby yesterday.

JASMINE Iru is looking expectantly to completing her final year of studies at the University of PNG – after a 14-week attachment with a local television station.
Jasmine, 22, from Gabone village in Rigo, Central, will complete her practical this week and return to her final year in the Journalism and Public Relations programme.
“I thank God that I am here right now and have come this far. I also thank my parents for paying my school fees and putting all their efforts in bringing me this far.”
Jasmine described her practical with Digicel TV Wan as a “wonderful experience”.
“The one thing I really enjoyed was that it wasn’t all about just reporting. We learnt presenting, broadcasting, online reporting and television/electronic media as well.
“I presented a couple of times, did news updates as well. And I have seen a lot of places and learnt a lot of things. I even experienced outdoor broadcasting.”
She is the eldest daughter of John Iru and Koi Iru. Her only sister is currently studying Architecture in the Philippines.
Dad John is a civil structural engineer and Mum Koi manages the family business.
Jasmine likes reading and watching news on TV, which has helped her develop her presentation, reading and writing skills.
“When I first started my practical, I used to jot down questions before carrying out an interview. But over time, I know and picture what angle to take when going out on an assignment. It’s like all the questions are on my mind so there’s no need to jot them down.”
Jasmine began her education at Tabubil International School in Western, starting in kindergarten to Grade Seven from 2004 to 2011.
She completed Grade Eight at St Patrick’s in Townsville, Australia in 2012, and Grade Nine at the Cairns State High in 2013.
She returned home and completed grades 10 to 12 at Marianville Secondary School from 2014 to 2016.
She was accepted to do a Journalism and Public Relations programme at UPNG in 2017. This is her fourth and final year.
She decided to take up journalism after watching Salome Vincent on television.
“I actually learnt a lot from her. And coming from Marianville as well, she was my inspiration since Grade 10. She used to work with my dad at Morobe Mining. Dad would come home and talk to me about her.
“I watched TV and saw how people presented themselves, saw the way they were talking and reading about how people wrote stories and I loved it.
“So I took up journalism because I wanted to produce and present news for the people.”
Her advice to women and girls is that reaching only Grade 10 and Grade 12 “is not the end of life”.
“Some fail or get married and all that. You must try to have an open mind about everything and just think about what’s good for the future.
“Think positive about your life. If you are going through family problems or relationship problems, it’s good to look at the brighter side of things.”
Jasmine thanks her family and friends for always supporting her. Especially her small sister in the Philippines who is always in her thoughts.
“To my small sister in the Philippines, thank you for always encouraging me during my stressful times and when I was down. You were always there for me and I am so thankful to have you as my sister.”
Jasmine is all good for 2020.


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