Australia, China and PNG forge strong business ties

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AUSTRALIAN High Commissioner to PNG Ian Kemish has commended MCC Ramu NiCo’s active role in PNG and the region and promised that Australia is prepared to work with the company, and other stakeholders, closely.
Mr Kemish made the remarks during his visit to Ramu NiCo office in Madang last week.
Mr Kemish also paid a short visit to Ramu NiCo’s Basamuk refinery.
“Australia wants to see projects benefit the local people and PNG Government. Projects like this will transform PNG and it is important that we work together,” the High Commissioner said about the US$1.37 billion Ramu NiCo investment.
Mr Kemish also noted that Australia, China and PNG are closely linked by resources, people and proximity.
At the Ramu nickel project the shareholders include MCC from China, Australian Highlands Pacific Limited, and PNG’s Mineral Resources Development Limited (MRDC).
Executive vice-president Gu Yuxiang said the close working relationship between MCC, Highlands Pacific and MRDC in Ramu would strengthen the relationship between Chinese, Australian and PNG investment communities in the long run.
MCC also has number of business establishments in Australia.