New community hall for Karkum village

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MADANG’S Karkum villagers have impressed Australian High Commissioner Ian Kemish with their initiative to set up community projects.
Mr Kemish visited Karkum in Sumkar last Thursday and Friday where villagers are building a community hall using the Australian High Commission’s Head of Mission Direct Aid Programme (HOMDAP) funding.
Mr Kemish witnessed the work being done on the community hall which will be a multi-purpose facility used for village meetings, training, and clinics for women and children.
“It is a real pleasure to be here to see how the community hall HOMDAP project is progressing.
“I am particularly pleased that the Australian High Commission can support communities like Karkum who have displayed great initiative and successfully set up other community projects in the past,” Mr Kemish said.
A turtle restoration project and village water supply project are two projects Karkum has successfully set up and Mr Kemish was happy to see the people of Karkum working together to raise their standard of living.
“I’m confident that the community hall will be of great benefit to the people of Karkum when it is completed,” Mr Kemish said.