Authorities must fix damaged bridge


I HAVE sent this photo in to be published in the hopes that the responsible authorities – the Morobe government or the Huon Gulf DDA (district development authority) – will respond and address this issue faced by the people living along the Igam-Omaru road.
The damaged Bumbi Bridge has been here since September 2018 and nothing has been done to fix it.
This is the second time this issue has been highlighted here.
The National General Election is approaching and candidates will come with all sorts of techniques to lure the people to vote for them.
Come on current DDA and responsible authorities!
Please do something about it!
You cannot ignore a collapsed infrastructure that is easy to repair and is in an area that is fairly easily accessible.
This is the responsibility of the provincial government or DDA.
This bridge is about to break off completely and if not fixed, it could cause an accident resulting in vehicle damage and/or the loss of lives.
The collapsed bridge has also affected the people’s income earning activities.
An example are the smallholders poultry owners contracted by Niugini Tablebirds.
They cannot get their business going because the company cannot take the risk in crossing the damaged bridge to deliver chicks and stockfeed.
The longer this bridge stays in this condition and is not
addressed by the concerned authorities, the longer people like these poultry owners are left with no way to earn money.

Concerned Morobe Citizen
Igam-Omaru Road

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