Authority looking to modernise operations

The National, Monday July 11th, 2016

PNG Customs has introduced a digital service to modernise its procedures and processes.
Chief commissioner Ray Paul told a business consultative forum that through it, Customs increased productivity and stimulated innovation to improve the conditions of border trade.
He said Customs progressed in its modernisation plan to provide a paperless working environment for all clearance procedures.
“This will lead us to cost-saving, increase in trade participation, improved facilitation and enhanced border controls,” Paul said
“To reaffirm my commitment for a digital PNG Customs service, I chose to modernise the procedures and processes to collect and safeguard Customs duties and goods and service tax, control the movement of goods, people, conveyances and money. Customs is striving to implement international best practices to facilitate legitimate trade and enhance border controls.”
He said a World Trade Organisation trade facilitation agreement demanded that governments make further efforts to simplify trade procedures and ensure transparency.