Customs creates new directorate for border

The National, Monday July 11th, 2016

The PNG Customs Council has created a new regional directorate for the border in Indonesia that will cover West Sepik and Western.
Chief commissioner Ray Paul told a business forum in Port Moresby last week, that the Customs service would soon station its officers at Bewani, West Sepik.
He said this was among the achievements of Customs.
“In recent months, we were able to work as part of our whole government approach with our sister agencies, NFA (National Fisheries Authority), police and others. We were able to apprehend a number of illegal fishing vessels. We were able to successfully prosecute them.
“Our work on debt management and revenue programme initiatives that we have put in place have progressed – we can see results.”
“Digitalisation offers many challenges, particularly the know-how to prioritise information technology projects based on strategic objectives and available resources.
“Assistance and support is required from the Government and our stakeholders in the private sector for PNG Customs Service to meet global expectations.
“I emphasise the development of digital Customs through progressive engagement and it starts with you during this forum to discuss and redesign procedures that need to and process improve efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery for the benefit of our eight million people.
“I chose to modernise the procedures and processes to collect and safeguard Customs duties and goods and service tax, control the movement of goods, people, conveyances and money, and secure cross-border trade from crime, including international terrorism which continues to preoccupy every region and Asia-Pacific is no exception.
“We have a lot of challenges but we believe collectively we can do it.”