Authority to open hospital to cater for Covid-19 patients

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THE Southern Highlands health authority is looking at equipping and opening the Nipa District Hospital in Nipa-Kutubu this week to cater for the Coronavirus (Covid-19) patients.
Public health director George Epei told The National that the Mendi General Hospital and Ialibu District Hospital were taking in patients, but with the limited number of beds available in the wards, it was looking at opening the Nipa hospital. He said four wards at the hospital were open to the public in June after sitting idle for four years, since its commissioning, as it was unable to fully function because it did not meet national health service standard.
The four wards opened were outpatient, accident and emergency, antenatal and postnatal and delivery wards and it will now be looking at a Covid-19 ward.
“Mendi hospital has 40 beds, the Covid-19 ward has 12 and there are 28 at the medical ward while the Ialibu District Hospital has 10 beds,” Epei said. “The two hospitals cannot cater for the increasing number of patients.”
Epei said the total confirmed cases to date was 732.
“We have 15 vaccination sites and are appealing to people to get vaccinated,” he said.
The Ialibu District Hospital reported a second Covid-19 death.
“It is a worry that many educated elites who should take the lead to support the provincial health authority and the Department of Health to make awareness for people to get vaccinated are spreading misinformation on social media that has made illiterate people ignore the vaccination,” Epei said.
“We should educate our people in the community to stop community gatherings such as moka, compensation and others.
“In such gatherings, you will hardly see people wearing masks, this is the place where the Covid-19 is spread easily.”
Authority chief executive Dr Joseph Birisi said the provincial Covid-19 task force team passed a resolution to apply the new normal measures in the province and urged people to stop hosting events that will gather people.
He also urged public servants to take the leading getting vaccinated.